Online occasional licence application system

The licensing authority has recently introduced an online occasional licence application system.  Under the new system, applications for occasional liquor licences can no longer be made over the counter at the licensing authority and must be registered online.

The various time restrictions for lodging occasional licences remain the same.  Late applications still require the consent of the Director of Liquor Licensing and will attract a penalty fee. 

The new system is more thorough than the previous process and a greater amount of information needs to be supplied.

Applicants should ensure they have all necessary information before starting the application process as the new system does not allow users to work through all steps required unless all necessary information is supplied for each particular stage.

Applicants are required to submit electronic plans with their application.  Any supporting documents, such as consent letters or letters of support, also need to be in electronic form so they can be attached to the online application.

Once an application is approved under the new system, the occasional licence is emailed directly to the applicant before the original is sent in the post.

If you have any queries about obtaining an occasional licence or the new online system please do not hesitate to contact Dan Mossenson, Partner, on (08) 9288 6769 / or Jessica Patterson, Senior Associate, on (08) 9288 6946 /

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