Amended Public Interest Assessment policy

The licensing authority recently amended its Public Interest Assessment (PIA) guideline policy.  Knowledge of this policy is essential for anyone applying for the grant or removal of a licence, seeking an extended trading permit and some applications for variation to conditions and alterations to premises. 

Non-compliance with the policy most likely will result in a refusal to process an application and could doom its prospects even if processed.

The motivation for being required to prepare and file a PIA is to identify how a proposal will impact on the community and at the same time address how an applicant will manage the impact. 

The new policy is by and large a perpetuation of the previous policy with some minor alterations.  The new version is clearer and better laid out.

The new policy emphasises the need for applicants for more complex licences, including hotels, taverns, nightclubs, liquor stores and some special facility licences, to:

  • minimise harm or ill-health; and

  • provide a separate document, not included as part of the PIA, if they wish to dispute the size of the locality as stipulated by the licensing authority.

If you have any queries or would simply like to know more about the new PIA policy please do not hesitate to contact
Dan Mossenson on 9288 6769 / or Jessica Patterson on 9288 6946 /


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