Avoid penalties: Pay your annual licence fee by January 1

Licensees are reminded that the due date for payment of the annual licence fee is fast approaching and penalties and sanctions for non-payment are serious.

To avoid penalty, payment must be made no later than 1 January 2010.

The annual licence fee for all licences, save for club restricted licences now set at $250, has dramatically increased to $500. The fee for the year just ended for all licences, except a wholesaler’s licence, was $155. A wholesaler’s licence fee was $330.

Additional fees are also due in relation to extended trading permits (ETPs) issued in relation to the licensed premises which have a duration greater than three weeks. If the licensed premises has no more than two ETP’s, the additional amount has risen from $105 to $200. If the premises has three or more ETPs the $205 fee has increased to $400.

If any of these fees are not paid by 8 January 2010 a penalty fee, equal to the annual licence fee, will also be payable. 

The consequences of non-payment of the fee after 8 January become increasingly serious and may result in suspension or cancellation of the licence.

Non-payment at 15 January enables the Director of Liquor Licensing (Director) to serve notice requiring payment of the licence fee and the penalty fee within 7 days. If payment is not made within this 7 day period the Director may suspend the licence until the amount outstanding is paid.

In the case of non-payment at 29 January, the Director may serve notice requiring payment of the licence and penalty fees within 7 days and giving intention to issue complaint proceedings if not paid. If this notice is not complied with the Director may cancel the licence.

There is a discretion to reduce, waive or refund in whole or in part fees, but this power is rarely exercised.

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