Extended Trading Permits and the 2010 FIFA World Cup

The licensing authority has released its policy regarding Extended Trading Permits (ETPs) and variations to trading conditions during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010. The time difference between South Africa and Western Australia means a majority of matches will kick off at either 10.00pm or 2.30am our time. As in previous years, the licensing authority will consider granting ETPs to licensees whose normal trading hours will not allow them to broadcast these matches.

For such an ETP to be granted, licensees will have to prove it is in the public interest and demonstrate the primary focus of remaining open is to allow patrons to watch the football game. Licensees will also have to specify strategies to minimise alcohol consumption.

Each application will be referred to the Western Australian Police and relevant Local Government authorities for comment. Licensed premises located in residential areas will have to notify residents within a 200 metre radius of the application and request their comments and opinion on the extension of trade.

The following general conditions will apply for the duration of the hours to be covered by the ETP, although licensees can apply to have them modified:

  1. compliance with all local government conditions;

  2. licensed crowd controllers to be provided in accordance with the Securities and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996;

  3. no packaged sales;

  4. restricted drink sales with drinks only sold ancillary to the football match;

  5. no liquor discounting, or advertising of cheap liquor;

  6. no live entertainment;

  7. as a minimum, light food and non alcoholic beverages be made available;

  8. the local police station must be notified in advance;

  9. lockouts will apply 20 minutes after kick off;

  10. patrons may leave the venue between matches, provided they return within 20 minutes after the second match starts; and

  11. patrons must leave the premises within 30 minutes of the match finishing.

As late applications may not be considered, licensees are urged to lodge as soon as possible to improve their prospects of obtaining approval.

For more information contact Dan Mossenson (9288 6769) or Jessica Patterson (9288 6946).

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