The power of the licensing authority

In the recent period the licensing authority has made determinations in respect of the sale and supply of liquor in the north-west of Western Australia, particularly around the Kimberley region. These determinations have seen various conditions imposed on licensees' authority to sell and supply liquor to the public.

In spite of some sectors of the community, the liquor and some other businesses being potentially adversely affected by restricted liquor services, the licensing authority has considered it necessary in the public interest to impose such conditions.

The health and well-being of the public in a particular area is of paramount consideration. Where there is considered to be potential for harm or ill-health to occur to the public it is possible that trading privileges will be curtailed. The licensing authority is free to condition licences however it sees fit.

Whilst these recent determinations may not directly affect all licensees in Western Australia, they demonstrate the power of the licensing authority and the ways in which licences could be restricted in any part of the State.

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