R-Codes update

As anticipated in the Lavan Legal March 2013 Planning Update, the State Government recently announced that amendments to the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) will take effect from Friday, 2 August 2013.

The anticipated changes will allow the backyard dwelling commonly referred to as a “granny flat” to be made available on the rental market for occupation by any and all.  The 2013 R-Codes amendments will no longer see the occupancy of ancillary dwellings be restricted to family members of the primary dwelling.  The maximum floor space allowed has also increased from 60m² to 70m².  The change will allow new homeowners to rent out backyard “granny flats” or “fonzie flats” existing in the backyard or built above garages, providing greater housing choices and flexibility for homeowners and those in the rental market.

For further information, please see the following links:

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Residential Design Codes of Western Australia Explanatory Guidelines

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