In her most recent Business News article, Amber Crosthwaite presents a letter from an unnamed senior executive in the Western Australian aged care sector.

The letter talks of an unspoken price paid by the elderly, their families and aged care staff in seeking to avoid a COVID-19 outbreak at all costs.  This being a loss of quality of life and, possibly, the opportunity for a “good death”.

There are likely to be many points of view on this topic, including opposing ones.  However, a mark of a healthy society is how much it is willing to genuinely engage with different points of view and difficult subjects.  

We feel strongly that the idea of what constitutes a ‘good life’ and a ‘good death’ for the elderly in a COVID-19 context is one such ‘difficult subject’ that must constantly be the revisited and retested by the community, the media, the government and the sector all to ensure that is, indeed, what sector is ultimately enabled to deliver.

Find out more in the link below and head to page 63. (Please note that this is behind a paywall and requires a Business News subscription to read in full).