In most cases juveniles are not allowed to patronise licensed premises unless they are accompanied by and under the supervision of a responsible adult.

There is no set ratio in terms of permissible numbers of juveniles per responsible adult and the situation may differ given the circumstances.  For example, four toddlers with one suitably responsible adult in his/her 40s may be considered differently from say two 16 year olds accompanied by a 25 year old.   The decision to allow entry to any juvenile is entirely at the discretion of the licensee.

A person is considered to be a “responsible adult” for the purposes of the WA liquor laws if that person is in loco parentis, which is a Latin term  meaning “in place of parent”.  Such persons may be a legal guardian, parent, step-parent or any other person who has proper control of and responsibility for a juvenile.

If you have any queries regarding juveniles on licensed premises, please feel free to contact our Liquor, Hospitality & Events team.