Lavan has successfully appealed a decision by the Liquor Commission to refuse the grant of a special facility sports arena licence to Sand Volley Australia Pty Ltd (Sand Volley).

Sand Volley operates a beach volleyball and netball centre in Nedlands and had initially applied to the Director of Liquor Licensing (Director) for a sports arena licence.

The initial licence application, prepared by a consultant, was refused as the Director found that the premises did not constitute a sports arena and the grant was not in the public interest.  Sand Volley took the matter on review to the Liquor Commission and was represented by the same consultant.  The Liquor Commission dismissed the review application and confirmed the Director’s decision.

Lavan was subsequently engaged by Sand Volley to take the matter on appeal to the Supreme Court.  Sand Volley was successful on all its grounds of appeal.  The matter has been remitted to the Liquor Commission for redetermination.

Click here to read the full decision handed down by the Supreme Court.