There continues to be much anticipation within the industry about the new regulations relating to packaged liquor outlets in WA which will apply to hotel, tavern and liquor store licences, as well as certain special facility licences.

While the new laws still have not yet come into effect, we understand that there have been developments since our last update.

We now understand that the following is proposed by the State Government:

  1. The laws will apply to proposed packaged liquor premises and existing ones in some circumstances, with a retail floor area of 400 square metres or more.
  2. The licensing authority will not hear an application for the grant or removal of a packaged liquor licence if there is an existing packaged liquor premises with a retail section of 400 square metres or more and it is within:

2.1  5km by road in the metropolitan area; or

2.2  12km by road in regional WA.