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The State Government’s recent announcements in relation to the planned delivery of major Metronet projects, such as the new Morley to Ellenbrook railway line, will have significant impacts for private landowners whose land is impacted by the railway. The State Government has commenced a land acquisition program and is approaching affected landowners with offers to purchase their land.

The timeframe for delivery of the Morley to Ellenbrook railway means that impacted landowners have to consider serious implications such as impacts to the amenity and lifestyle they once enjoyed and make important decisions about their futures such as relocating in a short space of time. For landowners conducting businesses on affected landholdings it means having to make urgent plans to relocate their businesses when the full financial impacts of relocation are yet to be realised.

The significant uncertainty and stress affecting landowners in this situation is well known to Lavan’s Land Compensation team who has long experience in acting for impacted landowners and can provide the expertise and capability to deal with Government authorities who are moving to acquire their land.

Lavan can relieve the stress and anxiety of dealing with Government authorities by providing sound and reliable advice and negotiating with Government authorities on behalf of landowners to ensure that landowners get the fair and just compensation they are entitled to.

Lavan’s Land Compensation team provides advice on the land acquisition process and assists landowners in understanding their statutory compensation rights in circumstances where their land is compulsorily taken by a Government authority (without the landowners consent), noting that landowners are not obliged to negotiate with Government authorities and can obtain legal advice on the best way to deal with Government authorities.

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