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Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Lavan is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our people, clients and visitors.

We recognise that a healthy, safe, and supportive working environment can positively affect the physical and psychological wellbeing of our people. We take responsibility to create and maintain a positive and supportive work culture that promotes connectedness, inclusiveness and a sharing of responsibilities.

Lavan’s health, safety and wellbeing initiatives are a continual and evolving process and include the following:


Lavan recognises the importance of taking steps to reduce workplace stressors.  As part of this process, our people are offered the following health and related benefits:

Health and safety

At Lavan, safety is everyone’s responsibility.  The Firm provides and maintains a working environment in which all steps are taken to ensure our people are not exposed to hazards.  Our people are also encouraged to take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and health at work, and to avoid adversely affecting the safety or health of others. 

The Firm’s health and safety priority is reflected in the following considerations:

The Firm meets its health and safety responsibilities in the following ways:

Please click here to read Lavan's Health, Safety and Wellbeing policy.