Opportunities for licensees in the economic downturn

Despite the gloomy economy there currently are opportunities worth considering for existing and prospective licensees in this State.

The legislative changes in 2007 clearly have improved the prospects for successfully applying for new licences, particularly liquor store licences.   Under the prior law new liquor store licences were virtually embargoed, save in exceptional circumstances.  Since the change virtually all properly prepared and presented liquor store applications have been granted.  The same success rate applies to the new category of licence, small bars.  

Given that the demand on tradesmen and builders has decreased it is now opportune to contemplate new developments or alteration of existing premises.  

Finding suitable sites is becoming easier as landlords are now chasing tenants.

For further information as to prospects of success for any potential applications please contact:

Dan Mossenson, Chairman of Partners on 9288 6769 or dan.mossenson@lavanlegal.com.au
Jessica Patterson, Senior Associate on 9288 6946 or jessica.patterson@lavanlegal.com.au

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