Our Purpose, Values and Behaviours

Lavan's Purpose is Making A Real Difference. Together. 

The Firm has a 125 year history dedicated to making a real difference for our clients, our people and the Western Australian community.

Our Purpose is supported by five core Values. These Values are the foundation of our individual and collective behaviours:

A Real Difference.


Now and
in the Future

Excellence Is Our Foundation
We have a growth mindset, seeking
continuous improvement and innovation

  • I set high standards
  • I think laterally and creatively
  • I proactively give and seek feedback


Bringing our
Whole Self

Our People Are Our Priority
We create an environment where people
can bring their whole selves to work 
We care and support each other to grow

  • I encourage diversity, equity, inclusion and wellbeing
  • I am invested in learning, improving and growing
  • I encourage others to find fulfilment
    at work and in our community


Walking the Talk

Walking The Talk
Living our values requires us to step up 
We take accountability for our behaviour
and the impact it has on others

  • I am genuine and authentic. I lead by example
  • I do what I say I'll do
  • I am accountable for my actions and behaviours


Trust and Authenticity

We Make A Real Difference By Working Together
We build respectful, trusting and authentic

  • I actively build trust by being respectful, open and honest
  • I am transparent and consistent in my communications
  • I collaborate and learn from others for greater outcomes


To Make a Difference

We Dare To Go Outside Our Comfort Zone
We have the courage to speak up and take action so
that we can be better tomorrow than we are today

  • I create a safe and positive environment
  • I dare to step out of my comfort zone and
    live my purpose and values
  • I have courageous conversations in a
    genuine and authentic way