Fair Work Information Statement

The new Fair Work Australia’s 10 National Employment Standards are set to take effect as of 1 January 2010. One of the less publicised principles is the employer’s obligation to give each new employee a Fair Work Information Statement (Statement) before, or as soon as possible after, the employee starts employment.

The Statement has now been finalised and was recently published in the Commonwealth Government Gazette on 2 December 2009.

The Statement contains information about:

  • the National Employment Standards (NES);

  • the effect on an employee’s NES entitlements when there is a transfer of business;

  • modern awards;

  • agreement making;

  • individual flexibility arrangements;

  • freedom of association and workplace rights;

  • termination of employment;

  • right of entry; and

  • the Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Australia.

A copy of the Statement is attached and can also be found at:

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