In my latest column for Business News, I explore some of the key governance themes which are emerging from the Disability Royal Commission. 

The Commission has heard horrific stories of abuse and neglect by disability providers of people in their care, but it strikes me that the issue wasn’t that the executives and board members of these providers didn’t care, it’s that caring isn’t enough anymore. 

There is an overwhelming need for disability providers to take heed of the Commission’s governance recommendations and build into their operations a governance model that works across all levels of their organisation and that is lived and breathed everyday. 

Bringing client focussed governance models to the NDIS space will not be an easy journey, but one that is necessary and one which must start now. 

You can read more on this issue in link below. Just head to page 47. (Please note that this is behind a paywall and requires a Business News subscription to read in full).

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