In my latest article for Business News, I look at the issue of unregistered NDIS providers and explain why treating them as the ‘bad guys’ isn’t the answer. 

Recent media reports about NDIS fraud have raised an understandable sore point for the sector and it’s my view that registration of all providers under the NDIS be an absolute non-negotiable. After all, how can NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission regulate what it can’t see? 

However, it is also my (somewhat controversial) view that the solution isn’t black and white, especially when you factor in workforce issues, perceived regulatory burden and the impact system navigation can have on choice and control. 

Thank you to Coralie Flatters of National Disability Services for her thoughts on this issue – As always a ‘right touch’ approach, developed through a systems lens, is required and to ignore this by simplifying the conversation down to a ‘good guy/bad guy’ premise is do a disservice to the people the system is intended to support.  

Find out more in the link below and head to page 63. (Please note that this is behind a paywall and requires a Business News subscription to read in full).