Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We focus on achieving commercial outcomes for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.
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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Lavan's Litigation & Dispute Resolution team has the expertise, capacity and resources to conduct any type of corporate and commercial litigation, from the simplest to the most complex.

We focus on achieving commercial outcomes in a timely and cost effective manner.  If the other side are unreasonable or intransigent, we take all reasonable steps to protect your position on costs and to run the matter to a contested hearing in a way which maximises your prospects of success.

We provide representation in all courts and tribunals in all manner of disputes.

Our Services

Commercial and corporate disputes

Our team handles all manner of commercial and corporate disputes.  We recognise that your prospects of success are crucially dependent upon the experience, expertise and strategic approach that we bring to our partnership with you.  We will identify the most appropriate strategy at the outset.  We will then pursue that strategy fearlessly and cost effectively.

Mediation and arbitration

We will explore every available option to reach a fast, appropriate and satisfying resolution.  We have proven expertise in achieving results through negotiated settlements.

Strategic advice

We identify the options available to you, recommend the most prudent course of action and work in partnership with you to achieve your goals.


We will:

  • provide the best possible legal representation for your case;
  • proactively manage the litigation to achieve your goals; and
  • manage the litigation cost effectively in partnership with you.

Types of cases include:

  • all commercial/contract disputes;
  • property and leasing disputes;
  • resources sector - all types of cases;
  • partnership and shareholder disputes;
  • tax litigation;
  • appeals; and
  • opinions.